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    Sorry but I am very dissappointed in Mr. Morris’s blog. True that he is slim but do we know if he smokes? You just can’t look at a slim person and assume they are healthy. He doesn’t look especially healthy to me and I certainly doubt he eats a plant based diet.And as for a leader and his morals. Well I care Mr. Hicks. And I must add that you’ve fallen from my admiration of you and though I’ll continue to to read your blogs at least for a while longer depending upon content.
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    hvor er du fin! jeg er ellevild med farverne & den store clutch. og hvor er du heldig med marlies dekkers – vi har plaget og plaget vores indkテδクbschefer i magasin om det, men de har endnu ikke bukket under.. テδクv!
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    Den Master? Mal sehen, Stand heute: Nテδカ! Aber wer weiテηク, was in 3 Jahren ist. 1992 (Ende Abi) und 1997 (Ende Berufsausbildung) dachte ich: Endlich fertig mit der Schule! HURRA! Nie wieder Lernen! Ein Studium war damals so weit weg wie die Erde vom Ort des Urknalls . Und heute? Studiere ich!
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    about marriage and the afterlife. Whether you and your spouse are together in this life and next? Or whether you’re with your real soul mate in the next life? Where does it say this?And what about people with more than one wife? And those who have never married? Or are divorced?Thanks.